Avoiding Health Risks in Welding Environments with Industrial Curtain Walls


Without the proper safety measures, welding environments can present several health risks that put employees in danger. Industrial curtain walls are fabricated with heavy-duty fabric materials that allow them to remain flexible while resisting flames and blocking bright sparks that can cause severe physical damage to workers.

Prevent Eye Damage with Industrial Welding Curtain Walls

In addition to protective eyewear and masks for employees within a welding space, other safety measures are required for employees in the facility who aren’t directly exposed to the welding project. Other employees in a facility may not be wearing the proper protective gear when entering a facility, but with vinyl industrial curtain walls blocking off the welding area, passing employees are no longer in danger of potentially blinding sparks, which can cause permanent optic nerve damage.

Another hazard apart from sparks is the fumes that welding releases. These dangerous fumes can emit chemicals such as nitrogen, sulfur oxide, carbon and other toxic substances. They are dangerous to breathe and can also cause damage to the surface of the eyes. Welding curtains installed around a welding space can contain these as well.

Resisting Harmful Flames with Industrial Curtain Walls

Apart from potential eye and lung damage, welding can also cause physical harm from dangerously hot welding sparks. These sparks can cause severe burn damage and can also start fires if a facility is vulnerable. Flame resistant clothing can keep welders safe from personal harm, and industrial curtains can cover flammable materials and protect equipment. Various sizes of industrial curtains can protect different areas, blocking off smaller spaces or larger sections of warehouses and other buildings. Industrial curtains are also tinted in order to protect workers’ vision if they aren’t wearing protective eyewear. Make sure that you purchase industrial curtain walls that explicitly state that they are designed for flame resistance applications.

Protecting both workers and welding facilities is important, but with industrial curtains installed in a facility, the risk of both health problems and devastating fires is significantly decreased.